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Hwa Fong Bonsai exhibition 2017

Hwa Fong Bonsai exhibition 2017

The Hwa Fong Exhibition is the most important annual show held in Taiwan, with 26 clubs each submitting 10 trees - the best of Taiwanese Bonsai. One main prize is awarded, with 10 additional...

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Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai demo

Bjorn Bjorholm styled this Juniper Bonsai at the Noelanders Trophy 2018, with help from Rafael Torres and Paulina Zapała. Music by Aydio.

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Kunio Kobayashi Bonsai demo

Mr. Kunio Kobayashi from Japan styled this Taxus at the Noelanders Trophy 2018, with help from Hugo Zamora Luna and Valentin Brose. Music by Aydio.

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Kunio Kobayashi Bonsai demonstration

Kunio Kobayashi styled this Taxus tree at the Crespi Cup in Italy. Lots of pruning, heavy bending and work on the deadwood. This is the tree's initial styling - work will continue on refining...

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Luis Vallejo Bonsai garden

A tour through the Bonsai garden of Luis Vallejo, located near Madrid, Spain. Luis introduces several of his Bonsai trees. With thanks to the European Bonsai San Show. Music by Aydio.

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How to Make a Bonsai

Grow - Part 3 of the Nursery Stock Series. Watch Ryan work with the classic Christmas tree staple, the noble fir, and transform it into a worthy piece of material. We go back to hammer down...

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Kunio Kobayashi creates a Juniper Bonsai

Kunio Kobayashi worked on this tree at the Noelanders Trophy 2018, with help from Hugo Zamora Luna and Valentin Brose. Music by Aydio.

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Bjorn Bjorholm creates a Scots Pine Bonsai

Bjorn Bjorholm styled this Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) at the Noelanders Trophy 2018, with help from Rafael Torres and Marius Foss. Music by Aydio The T-Shirt? https://www.bonsaiempire.com/store...

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How To Create A Bonsai Tree - The Transformation

Episode : How To Create A Bonsai Tree - The Transformation Digital meetingplace who belives in knowledge without borders. Let's grow together, let's talk Bonsai. ✂ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtu...

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Bonsai - Clipe Oficial

Saiu o clipe de Bonsai! Assiste aee Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/73HkjgziMO6I83vFOS8mo1 Se inscreve no nosso canal, junte-se ao fan-clube e siga nossa rede de pesca: Fan-clube Oficial...

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World Bonsai Convention

The World Bonsai Convention exhibition, including interviews with mr. Kimura, Kobayashi and Suzuki. Music by Aydio. More info: https://www.bonsaiempire.com/blog/wbc.

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Bonsai Soil Tests: Part 1: Water Retention

Corrections of calculations below. This video is the first in a series of tests to examine various components often used in bonsai soil mixes. These videos are meant to inform you of what's...

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The Art of Shaping a Bonsai Tree | Short Film Showcase

Ryan Neil has spent over a decade working to master the Japanese art of bonsai. As he shapes and forms these miniature trees, he describes how closely intertwined humans are with them. Filmmaker...

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Five tips for starting into bonsai.

A special video for the students of Macquarie College in Australia. Five tips and advice for starting into the world of bonsai. Good luck on your new adventure!

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Bonsai for Less than the Price of a Shirt

Graham Potter (http://www.kaizenbonsai.com) demonstrates how to use nursery stock to create interesting bonsai trees for less than the price of a shirt.

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Bonsai Scots Pine - first styling by Morten Albek

Watch more bonsai videos by signing up for a paid subscription at www.bonsai-video.com Morten Albek brings a yamadori Scots pine from raw material to first stage of its new life as bonsai....

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How to make a bonsai tree

How to make a bonsai tree: In this video I am going to show you that how to make a bonsai step by step,it is a beginners tutorial on how to make a bonsai tree at home.The bonsai making process...

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Bonsai show at Wanjing Yiyuan, Taiwan

A Bonsai exhibition was held at the Wanjing Yiyuan Art Garden in Taiwan, part of the Hwa Fong show held at the same time. Music by Aydio.

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Bonsai Experiment: Creating Nebari with Split Bark Technique

I made this video for Neli Stoyanova a bonsai teacher in Facebook for FREE., She requested this maybe to make it easier for students to grasp the concept. I am a great admirer of Neli for what...

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Para começar a fazer Bonsai, antes de mais nada é necessário saber manter a planta viva. Esta é a maior dificuldade encontrada no Bonsai para Iniciantes. Devido a quantidade de pessoas...

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Collecting for Bonsai: Eastern White Pine 2017

This is an Eastern White Pine, collected in Spring of 2017. Pinus strobus is not a commonly used species in the bonsai world, but this specimen had some attributes that made it unique - especially...

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Bonsai demonstration by Minoru Akiyama

Minoru Akiyama worked this Bonsai by pruning, selecting branches for the design, deadwood refining, and wiring and styling the branches. In this video you will seen the work done on an important...

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Milan Karpíšek Bonsai demo

Milan Karpíšek styled this Bonsai at the Noelanders Trophy 2018, with help from Sándor Papp. Music by Aydio.

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Keeping a Bonsai Tree Small, Dec 2016

It's easy to grow a bonsai tree larger, keeping it small, is a challenge! I prune a Ficus religiosa, a Ficus microcarpa and a Jade tree back to size.

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Bonsai Documentary: The Living Works Of Art - Japanology Plus - 盆景美丽的温馨图书文献艺术0

Bonsai Documentary : The Living Works Of Art - Japanology Plus 盆景美丽的温馨图书文献艺术0 ...

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Supercombo - Bonsai (Acústica)

Versão acústica da música lançada no álbum Rogério! Toda SEMANA um vídeo novo. Vou fazer um chá com umas plantas ornamentais Sentar nessa varanda na minha mente com os meus bonsais...

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Crespi Bonsai Museum

The Crespi Bonsai Museum is located near Milan, Italy. A wonderful collection of Bonsai trees, with a great variety of tree species on display. Music by Aydio. https://www.bonsaiempire.com/blog/cr...

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