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Bonsai: the Endless Ritual | Extraordinary Rituals | Earth Unplugged

The repetitive rituals of watering, pruning and shaping minute trees is a life of devotion, giving Bonsai master Chiako Yamamoto a serene connection to nature ...

How to Create Bonsai from Regular Trees

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook learns about the ancient art of Bonsai. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube ...

Desert Bonsai, Part 2A, Growing Moss and a new Jade Bonsai Forest, Dec 2018

I talk about growing moss on your succulent bonsai and then I begin a new Jade bonsai forest using the Crassula ovata \

Hwa Fong Bonsai exhibition 2017

The Hwa Fong Exhibition is the most important annual show held in Taiwan, with 26 clubs each submitting 10 trees - the best of Taiwanese Bonsai. One main ...

The Art of Shaping a Bonsai Tree | Short Film Showcase

Ryan Neil has spent over a decade working to master the Japanese art of bonsai. As he shapes and forms these miniature trees, he describes how closely ...

Five tips for starting into bonsai.

A special video for the students of Macquarie College in Australia. Five tips and advice for starting into the world of bonsai. Good luck on your new adventure!

Desert Bonsai, Part 2B, Starting a new Jade Bonsai Forest, Dec 2018

The Jade bonsai forest takes shape as I arrange and plant the Crassula ovata \

Top 5 Oldest Bonsai Trees in the World

Top 5 Oldest Bonsai Trees in the World.

Bonsai Beginners: Two Typical Fails.

Our own Bonsai Player: https://www.pampangatalents.com/bonsai.htm Two Damages on a Bonsai. Curved Wiring in Branches and Fungi.

Collecting for Bonsai: Dogwood 2016 - Larry's Place 2

After many technical difficulties, I finally finished another one for you (My apologies for sound & video quality issues). We return to Larry's place, April 2016, ...

Kunio Kobayashi Bonsai demonstration

Kunio Kobayashi styled this Taxus tree at the Crespi Cup in Italy. Lots of pruning, heavy bending and work on the deadwood. This is the tree's initial styling ...

Collecting for Bonsai: MONSTER American Persimmon 2017!!!

UPDATE: This persimmon didn't make it through the 2017 summer season. I hope this video shows that collecting trees can be more than just a few shovel cuts ...

Sea Hibiscus Tiliaceus Bonsai Makeover

Jerome gives you tips about a Sea Hibiscus Bonsai Tree. He shows you his vision for this tree. Enjoy this makeover! and visit www.thebonsaisupply.com if ...

bougainvillea bonsai | bougainvillea bonsai repotting

Website:-http://www.gpbonsai.site/ facebook:-https://www.facebook.com/nerujan.nerujanmenu.7 instagram:-https://www.instagram.com/neru5555/ ...

How to Make a Bonsai

Grow - Part 3 of the Nursery Stock Series. Watch Ryan work with the classic Christmas tree staple, the noble fir, and transform it into a worthy piece of material.

How To Create Large Trunk Maple Bonsai

This video is about how to create large trunk Maple into a Bonsai.

Bonsai demo by El Tim

The Spanish El Tim styled this tree at Generation Bonsai 2018, in Germany. Music by Aydio https://www.bonsaiempire.com.

Bonsai Timelapse - American Hornbeam

American Hornbeam forest planting, originally created and developed by Tom Bjorholm! NEW MERCH AVAILABLE HERE! http://bjornbjorholm.com/merch/ ...

Bonsai demo by Luis Baliño and Jorge Campos

Luis Baliño and Jorge Campos did this Bonsai demonstration at the European Bonsai San show in Saulieu, 2018. Music by Aydio ...

How to create a Bonsai from Raw Material

This video is about How to create a Bonsai from Raw Material. Taking a bush like tree and creating a bonsai shape.

Luis Vallejo Bonsai garden

A tour through the Bonsai garden of Luis Vallejo, located near Madrid, Spain. Luis introduces several of his Bonsai trees. With thanks to the European Bonsai ...

6th US National Bonsai exhibition

An overview of the US National Bonsai Exhibition 2018, including the winning trees. This year's edition was absolutely stunning, many thanks to William ...

Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors

When it comes to Japanese craftsmanship, knives often get all the glory. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one ...

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